Every journey starts with one step. Are you ready to take the first step to a fitter, stronger and healthier future. If so, then simply register for a FREE consultation and let your journey commence.


Do you feel more comfortable doing a workout in the comfort of your own home?....want to stay motivated and not leave the house to go to the dreaded gym as well as making your training sessions more affordable?......then 1-1 online PT is definitely for you!


Online Personal Training (via Skype or FaceTime)

This online service is second to none! Clients of mine were sceptical at first and why wouldn't they be? But it works!! You can use little or no equipment at all and I will do it with you every step of the way. Your workouts will vary each time, will be modified if required and you will be amazed how quickly the time passes. Give it a go!


Starting from £40 per session.

£240 - 6 sessions

£390 - 10 sessions

£456 - 12 sessions

Nicola is a fantastic sports massage therapist. Her analysis of the body, posture and strengths and weaknesses is professional and accurate.  Treatment techniques are appropriate and pinpoint any issues treating them quickly and effectively.

National League Hockey Player

We really enjoyed not only the personal training sessions but also the sports massage. We were very sad when Nicola left for pastures new but are absolutely delighted she has changed her mind and she has realised the Cotswolds are better than Wales after all (we did tell her!). We cant wait to pick up our sessions once again!


My son Cameron has cerebral palsy. He went into the 1st session feeling set back, fed up, and lacking confidence!! By the end of the course Cameron eventually took 64 independent steps (the most he had ever done in his lifetime) and we came away positive as ever again, thanks to Nicola and all her support and dedication

Mother of Cameron Harper

Nicola has been my personal trainer (PT) for several years and I would be truly lost without her. Not only is she a great PT but as a highly qualified sports therapist she devises training that is highly effective but prevents you developing any injuries.  Whatever your goal is, Nicola will devise a training plan that will ensure that you get the results you want. Through Nicola, I found a love of running and even though I am not the fastest I have completed several 10 mile races and a half marathon so far.  Even when I train without Nicola, she is the voice in my head telling me that I can do it and that I can run that bit faster or that bit longer.  I would highly recommend Nicola to anyone – whatever your age, size, or shape - she will help you achieve your goals!